Succession planning

Securing the interests of the private company and its employees

Business succession one-time process in life

The issue of succession is still highly relevant in SMEs and is included with many motions. 70,000 companies are nationwide eligible each year for a generational change. Every successful business owner wants to pass his life's work possibly in familiar hands. In many cases, this transition occurs within the family, but it also occur more frequently that financial investors are potential buyers. Since the company succession is essentially a one-time process in the life of an entrepreneur, it should be professionally planned. The challenges and risks for all parties are to analyze and evaluate accordingly. Securing of assets of the family business must be an integral part of the succession process.

Basically, a succession planning is in the following options possible:

  • Sale of the company to the current management (MBO)
  • Sale to external managers (MBI)
  • Transfer of the company to a family member or sale to another Family
  • Sale to a strategic partner/investor

Discrete and competent support in all phases

We assist our clients competently and discreet in all phases of the analysis to the orderly transition to the purchaser.

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