A corporate crisis requires swift action and proven restructuring expertise

Earlier reaction time determines the success

From a strategic crisis to a revenue crisis, which eventually leads to a liquidity crisis. This is a common pattern for a life-threatening crisis of the company. The earlier a crisis of the company is recognized and the sooner the response is, the greater are the chances for a successful corporate restructuring.

We accompany our clients in the context of the entire restructuring process, both by strenghten economic performance as well as by financial optimizations. We prepare our redevelopment concepts based on the standard IDW S6.

Economic performance optimizations

  • Detailed market and company analysis
  • Analysis of the causes of the crisis
  • Formulation and derivation of a new strategic direction
  • Development of restructuring measures
  • Process optimization in production, sales and personnel management
  • Establishment of a new corporate plan
  • Accompany the clients in the implementation of a restructuring controlling
  • Communication with stakeholders

Financial optimizations

  • Development of measures and active implementation support
  • Advice on investment and financing decisions
  • Optimization of the capital structure
  • Use of public funds

Our project approach relies on proven tools and an efficient restructuring controlling to review that necessary measures will succeed. The correct and consistent communication with the stakeholders of the company is an essential factor for a successful restructuring.

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